What you say about us

We have some really lovely clients!

From Barbara -

"Recently I injured my hands and a friend suggested I try Meals on Wheels frozen food. I was very surprised at the wide range of choice. The meals I chose were very convenient to heat, and by using the container as a plate there was no washing up! The meals were beautifully presented and were a great help in my hour of need.Thanks to you all."

From Anne-Marie -

"Nothing is a problem, and the volunteers are wonderfully hard working and friendly. David in Maryborough has been wonderful to me and he does everything with a smile. I visited them in Maryborough and the kitchen was very clean, shining and spotless. I have a restricted diet but the meals are delicious, the fruit is perfect and the desserts are divine. Thank you Meals on Wheels, I would be stuck without you - I am eternally grateful. I am only 50, so they cater for all ages, and I thoroughly recommend them to all who need meals."

From Edith -

An Ode to Fridays Meal

Dear Doug,

"Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! I love you,
And all so very thoughtful too!
Tartare suace to die for,
I'll let you know when I need more.
Just hope it keeps inside the fridge
to tempt my palate on another day.

Now I have what I desire.
On Fridays - fish, mashed potato,
Celery in white sauce, tartare,
Who could ask for more,
So thanks again to one and all,
Who have answered to my call".


From Neta -

"By providing meals in your refridgerated area it allows me (I'm 87) to remain in my own home and still enjoy a hot meal daily. I cannot thank you enough for your service".


From the Jacklin Family -

"Thanks to all your wonderful team for supplying Mum & Dad with meals over the last couple of years".


From Fay -

"Just a short note to praise all concerned for the wonderful meals you provide to my brother in Burrum Heads. A big thank you to Mike who delivers there, he is such a lovely man".


Thank you taking the time to contact us, it is very much appreciated by everybody at Meals on Wheels Fraser Community.