Melbourne Cup 2015 - Queensland style!

 Another great day out - volunteers and staff enjoying the party atmosphere in the build up to the second running of the "Hervey Bay Cup".

Our very own "chef de barbeque" Ken Batstone serving his own masterful creations to Sandy and Paul Sell

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 Tucking in to lunch before the big race ..........

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 Hervey Bay also has "Ladies who lunch"

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Trish Pickering joining in the celebrations!

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 Note the racing pages discreetly hidden away!

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Our challenger in the Michelle Payne stakes!

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The first race in full swing - amazing how the horses are trained to deposit within the rings!

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The eventual winners - Paul and Sandy Sell with John Miosge, proud winners of the Meals on Wheels cup

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And no expense spared on the prizes!

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A roomful of excitement during the Emirates version held somewhere in Victoria!!

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